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Echowell Electronic Co., Ltd. 名世電子企業股份有限公司

Bicycle Computers, Bike Sensors, Heart Rate Monitors, and Electronic Dart Games

Today is 15,Dec,2018
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Echowell Electronic Co., Ltd.
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Echowell Electronic Co., Ltd.


Echowell Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in August 1982. It started out as a solid state relays and I/O modules designer and manufacturer. Then it soon entered the outdoor sports electronics industry, and established itself as one of the largest suppliers of bicycle computers in the world. Echowell is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with 40 staff. Its R&D team is responsible for electronics design, mechanical design, firmware design and the integration etc.


Known for its outdoor stability and durability, the ECHOWELL® brand has been distributing quality cycle computers to millions of riders annually, with a distribution network covering tens of countries worldwide. based on this experience, Echowell has extended its business to wearable technology, electronic dartboards, and digital radio speakers etc. Besides, with more than 30 years of electronics design and manufacturing excellence, Echowell has been producing various electronic devices for worldwide brands based on ODM/OEM.


The core technology that leads to the success of a wide range of Echowell bike computers or sensors includes: Radio frequency stability, waterproof ability, and Bluetooth®/ANT+ technology etc. To supply quality leisure products and fine services has been our mission to global markets. In this IOT age, we aim at creating more and more useful and cost-effective devices that meet your needs and let you exercise more efficiently. Your kind echoes will help Echowell keep growing well.